The Pet Charity Guide To Caring For Puppies

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Help a charity, help your customers. The Pet Charity?s collection of pet care leaflets help pet services meet 2013 Model Licence Conditions for Pet Vending, by offering after sales care information.The ground-breaking leaflets have been created in collaboration with welfare societies to ensure they offer the very best advice. All the leaflets are vet approved and endorsed by the Pet Industry Federation. Each leaflet includes information on handling, feeding, housing, general care and a detailed shopping list to drive customers back to your store. There is also space for businesses to include a company stamp so customers can get in touch if needed. The Pet Charity?s leaflets offer a hassle-free solution for businesses whilst helping to further pet welfare in the UK, and there are 16 leaflet types to choose from: Bearded dragon Tortoise Budgie Canary Finch Degu Dwarf hamster Syrian hamster Fancy mouse Gerbil Guinea pig Rabbit Rat Domestic poultry Goldfish Tropical fish