Orlux Budgie Eggfood 1kg

Product Ref: 131021

Brand: Orlux


Product Details

Eggfood dry small parakeets Due to its coarse structure, the eggfood is especially appreciated by parakeets meaning therefore a negligible food wastage. This guarantees therefore also that all nutritious elements richly present in the eggfood are actually completely assimilated by the birds. ORLUX EGGFOOD DRY SMALL PARAKEETS is an eggfood containing all the ingredients in the adequate proportions necessary for both young and mature birds: proteins, trace elements and minerals. It is especially suitable for the breeding of budgies, neophemas, agapornides ... ORLUX EGGFOOD DRY SMALL PARAKEETS also contains: * extra lysine and methionine, two essential amino acids necessary for an optimal growth, perfect feathering composition and - pigmentation. * extra biotine, an indispensable vitamin limiting the embyonic mortality. * extra iodine which stimulates the activity of thyroid gland of parakeet-like birds. * the ideal calcium-phosphorous proportion.