M & C VetIQ Flea Guard Powder 60g

Product Ref: 260368

Brand: Mark & Chappell


Product Details

VetIQ Flea Guard powder is a natural deterrent for fleas & ticks and is safe to use as it has no adverse drug reactions or leaves any pesticide residue. There are no drops to put on the back of the neck; no lasting chemicals in your pets' skin or bloodstream. VetIQ Flea Guard contains a blend of B vitamins, yeast, zinc and garlic which help to make your pet’s blood less palatable to fleas & ticks. In addition, this blend of ingredients has the added benefits of reducing the soggy doggy smells, whilst also keeping their coat glossy & skin healthy. This product does not contain added salt, sugar or preservatives and can be used safely in conjunction with insecticide products. New easy to use powder to simply mix with their food.