Exmarid Deep Cleansing Shampoo 250ml

Product Ref: 24186

Brand: Bob Martin


Product Details

ExmaRid Deep Cleansing Shampoo Step 1 - Cleanse & DisinfectSoothes & protects For dogs prone to dry, scaly and itchy skin Exmarid Deep Cleansing Shampoo is particularly useful for dogs prone to dry scaly, itchy skin. Its triple action formula contains a natural anti-scurf alternative to coal tar that will leave your pet?s coat in beautiful condition. Regular use of this soothing formula will help maintain a healthy skin and coat, manageable and shining with health, whilst helping to prevent scurf and flaky skin. Exmarid Complete Skincare System ExmaRid is a complete skincare system in three basic steps: Cleanse & disinfect Help soothe, cool, and moisturise to reduce scratching Have you tried our Skin Lotion?A protective skin care regime with daily supplementation Doing all three