Frontline Dark Coat Shampoo 200ml

Product Ref: 20180

Brand: Merial


Product Details

This shampoo has been developed by veterinary experts to enhance and protect the coat of dogs and cats with dark-coloured hair.  It contains phytopigments and Luminescine, a natural plant extract, that helps deflect harmful UV rays and enhances colour and radiance for a brilliant natural shine.  Rhamnose, a polysaccharide compound that inhibits bacterial adhesion to the skin and coat, reduces odours and has a soothing effect. Healthy never felt so good! How to apply: 1. Put the pet at ease by calmly stroking. Put a cotton ball in each of the pet?s ears to prevent water getting in. Ensure the water temperature is comfortable. 2. Have several towels ready to replace each one as it becomes wet. Place the towel on the pet's back and gently rub his coat dry. Then move to the stomach, chest and paws.