JVP Fox Sham-Poo 200ml

Product Ref: 727602

Brand: Johnsons Veterinary Products


Product Details

Following demand from customers, Johnson?s have introduced FOX SHAM-POO! which is an addition to their best selling range of shampoos and grooming aids for dogs and cats. Dogs unfortunately love to roll in anything they find which is sticky, slimy and foul smelling and to get rid of the offending matter and cleaning them up afterwards can be particularly difficult. One of the worst problems is to remove fox poo and it?s offensive odour from the coat, but also cow, horse and duck poo etc. can be similarly difficult to deal with. Johnson?s FOX SHAM-POO! has a special formula, to clean up pets and help to remove unpleasant smells and stains. It effectively cleanses and contains a special deodorising ingredient which binds to and then eliminates bad odours. It is PH balanced and contains Pro-Vitamin B5 to condition the coat, leaving a pleasant fresh fragrance. Suitable for all breeds of dogs and puppies over 8 weeks of age. Like all Johnson?s range of grooming aids, FOX SHAM-POO! is kind and gentle to coat and skin and has been developed without cruelty to animals. It is attractively packaged for on-shelf impact, in easy to hold bottles with one handed flip-top caps.