Horse First Relax Me™ Two way calming and settling supplement

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Product Details

Horse First RelaxMe is a unique double action formula which works on both the gut and the nervous system.

Horse First Relax Me™ combines magnesium, vitamin E and B group vitamins to create a calmer more easy-going horse. With RelaxMe the secret is in the loading, so when feeding for the first time give a loading serving, two to four 25g scoops for the first 5-10 days morning and evening until the desired effect is obtained. Then cut back to maintenance level, usually two 25g scoops per day, then before competition or stressful situation increase to loading level for 3 days before event. With RelaxMe you will learn what's best for your horse.

Why Choose Horse First Relax Me?

  • Perfect for ponies and horses.
  • Horses that display any signs of anxiety or stress.
  • Horses that become over-excited in competition.
  • Horses that find it difficult to concentrate.
  • Horses that are being schooled and in training.

Horseman's Tips
"The secret is in the loading.Remember, no-one knows your horse better than you."