Haypigs Food Craving Tamer - Food Bowl

Product Ref: 47000

Brand: Haypigs


Product Details

HayPigs! Food Craving Tamer - Food Bowl The HayPigs! Food Craving Tamer is a non-tip, circus themed feeding bowl. KEY BENEFITS: - It's non-tip, so small furries with their feet up on it can't flip it. - It's stackable. - It's vibrant and colourful. - It's sturdy and robust and has non-slip feet. - It's dishwasher safe. DESCRIPTION: This magical circus bowl is perfect for your small furries to gorge from. Not only does it look the business, but it's also tip-proof, stackable and dishwasher safe. Watch your small furries sit with their paws up on the bowl, like majestic lions strutting their stuff...! Or with their heads delving deep, like they haven't eaten in a week! SUITABLE FOR: Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Ferrets, Chinchillas, Chipmunks, Pet Hedgehogs and even Cats and small Dogs! MATERIALS: Made from pet safe, food grade, melamine plastic. DIMENSIONS: 160mm Diameter, 50mm high. Bowl opening 120mm diameter.